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Thursday, August 26, 2010

how important measuring tool

Why should be measured?
Digital Electronics is a series of mobile phones which are very complex, if there is one series that does not work, then the phone can not be used properly. Although there is only one kind of stress does not exist, can cause symptoms that are fateful. The problem, in a phone machine there are tens or even hundreds of components to be interlinked with each other, of course, to solve the problem, we need to track and locate where is the problem, so that we can convict the components we need to change accordingly.

To localize the problem in the range of phones, it may take action measurement. The goal is to find work or not work a component. Basically a series of mobile phones is an interrelated system. System consists of several blocks of circuits that influence each other.

Actions measurement requires measuring instruments in accordance with elektornis elements which we will measure. Through this measure, we can know the condition of the system circuit, whether he works or not. One Indicator whether or not the circuit works by measuring the input and output.

So many support tools that a technician must be owned by Professional mobile phone, even this point extraordinary. For measurement tools only (measurement tool at least have to prepare the Budget of about 2000 - 4000 us dollar. But in this book, I try to present the effectiveness and efficiency of analyzing a technician to maximize support tool that is affordable.

Obviously we are very aware, without adequate measuring tool we can not detect the problem accurately, but that does not mean if you do not have all the tools do not support a technician can take corrective action. What is clear for a technician is required to apply creative and innovative in using existing equipment. The problem now is why in analyzing the damage to the phone we must do the measurement? And what measuring tool able to accurately provide guidance in analyzing the damage to your phone with an affordable price?
Let us look at the answer.

Does AVO-Meter is enough?
Not a few phone technicians today think that even just using the AVO-Meter just had had enough for use as measure of damage to detect the phone. In fact, as the meaning of the AVO-Meter is Amperes, Volts, Ohms Meter. It's certainly impossible to know the all the elements of an electronic device, for AVO meters only understand voltage value, the value of current consumption, as well as a series resistance value. While the phone is not an analog electronic devices, but almost 70% of digital system already works. Mobile electronic elements include: Voltage and Current Electric, Digital Data, Clock, Frequency, and others.

what measuring tool able to accurately provide guidance in
analyze the damage to your phone with an affordable price?

Ideally, measuring equipment for mobile phones is a tool measuring machine that can recognize the value of the analog elements and digital elements. Therefore, a series of measurement tools for mobile machines require special tools and advanced. However, these tools not only to its price value, but also difficult to obtain, except by certain circles who received support from mobile phone vendors.

Therefore, we need to maximize the common measurement tool and affordable but can help in analyzing the maximum. To be able to maximize the tool should we claimed to be more creative in using existing facilities on the instruments.
Efficiency measurement can be concentrated to the actions in measuring the values common to electronic circuit, such as resistance, voltage, voltage control, current consumption, clock, radio frequency, and shape data.

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