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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Flashing with UFS HWK Samsung

A little info on how to repair / flashing with UFS HWK Samsung by me

- Select the appropriate cable.
- For flashing, do not use the battery (although there are some who have to use batterie
- To its best use batteries info
- For death and total ..please flash MCU and CTS / FS
- To Hang / her good restart flash FS / CTS its course
- An important "do not forget to check the format of FS at each flashing".
- If phone can at his usual info already in the normal condition, if phone in the dead but could at info check batere, flexible (other HW parts of it)
- To be able to switch on the hp info (rev not installed), new info click pairs of wires.
- It can be used to restart the info, but for ordinary Hang her could not diinfo.
- Click to open Phonelock enough info, if successfully read info then it will be read lock code, if it fails please click unlock.
- For example the Indonesian language DX Flash File code, eg M620DXHE3

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