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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mobile Drivers Collection

China Mobile Drive Collection

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Motorola Cable Driver
Supported Modeles:
All Motorola
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LG DATA cable Driver
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LG ku580 Modem Driver
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LG modem driver (All Modem driver Lg)
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China Phone Suite Driver
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Drivers Blackberry
models supported:
Driver Old Series 5xxx,6xxx,7xxx Drivers
driver BlackBerry
5790,5810,5820,6210,6220,6230,6280,6510,6710,6720, 6750,7210
7220,7230,7250,7270,7280,7290,7510,7520,7730,7750, 7780,7100t
7105t,7100r,7100v,7100g,7100x,7100i,7130e,7130c,71 30g,7130v
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Egate Driver 2-6-0-0 xp2k
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Hot Release v.04 -Sola BB5-RPL/PM Maker now has two modes RPL Maker Still Free

Any testing feedback is welcome.

Attached Mode A and B can use Note to see.

On Mode A - it produces 25 simlock data, it's the basic. mostly created by some coders.

On Mode B - only produces 6 simlock data, somewhat a special rpl.

If mode-A will not work, any user can use mode-B. with no damage to phone.

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Friday, October 30, 2009


This is a new sony ericsson unlocker tested 100% okkkkkkkkkkkkkk with C902

It is free but you need to register.
Aerix Home Page

Unlocking of Sony Ericsson A2 phones has never been so easy. Aerix is fast, reliable, intuitive and what is most important FREE software which you will love.


Unlocking of Sony Ericsson A2 phones has never been so easy. Aerix is fast, reliable, intuitive and what is most important FREE software which you will love.

* Full non-testpoint unlock of all Sony Ericsson A2 platform based phones
* No quantity limits
* Free of charge
* Just register and use the software


* Aerix website has been introduced
* Aerix v0.99 released

Aerix supports A2 platform based Sony Ericsson phones:







C510, C702, C901, C902, C903, C905
G905, G705
K630, K660, K850, K858
T700, TM506
W595, W705, W715, W760, W890, W902, W908, W910, W980
Z750, Z770, Z780

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LG KG300,KG200,KG195,C2500 Flash Free With Spider-Man Cracked

And for UFS and NSPRO:

Flash Files:
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new FREE Update--Sola BB5 Repair Partner v.0.3

Sola BB5 Repair Partner v.0.3b [by bojs]

Enjoy this great soft

Basic test all pass.. Free no password no activation... Goood...
Media Fire
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Sola, video co-staring JAF
1. how to Read PM, Write RPL
2. how to make backup PM
3. how to make Unlock PM

1. how to Write restore RPL
2. how to Write Back PM

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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Here is mp3 mp4 format and flash tool for all .

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Here you will find all mp4 and mp3 tools firmwares.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

China phone IMEI Changer

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How to Change IMEI in Nokia

How to Change IMEI in Nokia
DCT4++ now can make this very Easy.
See Video.
In Attach i put Files to this models.
Make this:
You can Use Jaf Cracked Version.
1-put PATCH in MCU.
2-PPM and CNT asuaual (Ver 4.11)must.
3-Tick on UI and UNLOCK options.
4-When unlock patch ask file, give same patch which use in MCU.
5-Tested on 1200 1208 and 1650

supported models :

Nokia DCT4+++ 1208, 1200 , 1650 etc

Download :

video how to change IMEI in NOKIA

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

UFS with FREE NFF Nokia fault Finder crack!!

Support Model List

1100a, 1110i, 1208, 1650, 2112, 2255, 2280, 2300, 2310, 2600, 2600c-2, 2626,
2630, 2760, 2865, 2865i, 3100, 3105, 3220, 3230, 3586, 5140i, 6021, 6030,
6060, 6070, 6101, 6102, 6111, 6225, 6230i, 6235, 6235i, 6236, 6275, 6275i,
6310, 6310i, 6510, 6610, 6610i, 6800a, 7210, 7250, 7250i, 7260

6260, 6600, 6670, 7610, 7650, N-GAGE, N-GAGEQD

3110c, 3250, 3500c, 5200, 5300, 5310, 5610d, 5700, 6085, 6120,
6131, 6133, 6151, 6233, 6234, 6267, 6280, 6288, 6282, 6300, 6500c, 6680,
6681, 6682, 6682, 7370, N73-5, N76-1, N80, N81
How to do:
1. Install this:
click here for download
2. Keep original files, and extract above rar.
3. open $NFF.exe not the NFF.exe (to bypass self check CRC for NFF.exe)
Here you can download the crack:
click here for download
Connect UFS BOX Both NFF.exe and $NFF.exe are locate in C:\Program Files\NFF Just run $NFF.exe

What can Nokia Fault Finder detect?
• Problems with phones with NO Power
• Problems with phones that hang on startup
• Problem with phones with white screen
• Problem with Flash IC, Power IC, Processor IC, RAM IC
• Vibration , MIC, Sound, Sim lock Area, RF Signal

What can Nokia Fault Finder not detect?
• Phone that can not be detected by Software
• Phones with broken PCB
• Problems with phone with capacitors and transistors
• LCD Problem

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Free Unlock for Egold Lite based LG phones (KP100, GB102 etc.)

All software in dowload.

1. Install python 2.x
2. Install pyserial
3. Install pywin32
4. Put LG folder in C:\
5. Now you run from C:\LG run_me.bat
8. Presto!

Using SETOOL interface + KG800 RJ45 cable
PL-xxx USB cable
Serial Com-port
the only baud rate which is going to work for you is 115200

you need to remove and re-insert the battery after a failed attempt

Platform 2G EGOLD:
- Series GB : 100, 101, 102, 105, 107
- Series KG : 270, 271, 275, 276, 278 ,370,375
- Series MG : 160, 161,180
- Series KP : 100, 105, 105A, 105B, 106, 106A, 106B, 130, 170, 233, 230, 235,

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SonyEricsson CHARGING Repair

SonyEricsson CHARGING Repair

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World Unlock Code Calculator 4.4

World Unlock Code Calculator 4.4

A utility for unlocking Nokia, Siemens, Vitel, Maxel, Panasonic, LG, AEG,Samsung, and Motorola mobile phones

WorldUnlock Codes Calculator is a free utility for Nokia, Siemens, Vitel, Maxel, Panasonic, LG, AEG, Samsung, and Motorola unlock.

Includes MasterCode calculator that can reset your Nokia security code if you have lost it.

Easy guide to free Nokia unlocking:

(Please read the whole guide before starting)

Select phone model from list.
· 2. Enter IMEI number of your phone (Press *#06# on phone)
· Select country and service provider where the phone was bought.
· Hit the button: Calculate!
· The software generate some Nokia unlock codes.
· If 7 codes are displayed, use the code ending with +7 first.
· If it does not work, then try +1, and finaly +5.
· When phone displays "Sim restriction off" it is unlocked.
· If only two codes are displayed (+1 and +2) enter both of them!

Codes will be shown on the form: #pw+CODE+n#
To get p, w or +, pres the * button several times.

You enter the codes correctly by removing any simcard from the phone, turning the phone on and then enter the code.

Here are some key features of "WorldUnlock Codes Calculator":

· Unlock Nokia
· Unlock LG
· Unlock Panasonic
· Unlock Maxon
· Unlock Samsung
· Unlock AEG/Telital
· Unlock Alcatel
· Unlock Siemens
· Unlock Sony
· Unlock Vitel

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Moto Rocker v2.27

Whats new:

* Added Motorola AURA flashing support
* Added Motorola VE66 flashing support
* Added Motorola A1600 flashing support
* Introduced new flash files format *

You may notice that this new software will ask for activation string once 50 trial credits have expired. You can find Your activation string if You open Rocker Dongle support. Simply copy it to activation window and press "Activate"

* New flash files format:
From now one, language packs are flashed as "package", hence You can open it in same file dialog as monster flash files. Furthermore, all flash files now are compressed, and new files are not compatible with older Moto Rocker versions.

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Camera Repair Solution by SembilanBenua

Camera Repair Solution by SembilanBenua

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All nokia flash files from this soft

NAVIFIRM is the ultimate all-purpose tool for downloading Nokia firmware images, obtaining lists of product codes, and finding the right product code for your phone.
NAVIFIRM downloads all this straight from Nokia's servers so you don't
have to wait for people to post data packages and lists of product

NAVIFIRM is useful for just about anyone:

End users: Find product codes to use with NSS/NSU
Developers: Download ROM images for extracting files
Care Suite/Phoenix/box users: Download ROM images to flash

Additional NSU servers can be added by editing Main.cs in the source code.

To use NAVIFIRM, just start navifirm.exe and drill down from left to
right. To download files, check the boxes of the files you want (or
click the All button), then click "Download from FiRe". Find a
directory to put the files in, then click OK. Care Suite and Phoenix should be able to pick up the firmware files if you put them in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nokia\DataPackage (if you use Vista w/ UAC, you'll have to right-click navifirm.exe and select Run as Administrator). Note that calibration and most other non-firmware files ordinarily included in data packages cannot be downloaded via this tool.
To generate a product code list suitable for forum posts, etc., select
a product and release, then click the Export PC List button. From
there, you can copy and paste the list of product codes or save it as a

This software is released with no warranty whatsoever,
express or implied. If you screw up your phone trying to flash
something downloaded with this tool, it definitely isn't my fault. As
bricking a phone is easy, proceed with great caution. You have been
warned.This app requires .Netframework 2.0 installed on the PC

click here for download

New repair solloution for samsung chaging paused by tompereteur

New repair solloution for samsung chaging paused by tompereteur

Part 1
click here for download
Part 2
click here for download

All Network Operator listed..

All Network Operator list Providers

00101000=ALL Operator|-
20205000=Vodafone / Panafon|Greece
20210000=Telestet / TIM|Greece
20404000=Vodafone / Libertel|Netherlands
20408000=KPN Telecom|Netherlands
20412000=Telfort / O2|Netherlands
20416000=T Mobile - Ben |Netherlands
20420000=Dutchtone / Orange|Netherlands
20601000=Belgacom Mobile Proximus|Belgium
20620000=KPN Orange Belgium SA|Belgium
20801000=Orange + France Telecom Itineris|France
20820000=Bouygues Telecom |France
21303000=S.T.A. MobilAnd|Andorra
21401000=Vodafone / Airtel Movil|Spain
21402000=Movistar (6100)|Spain
21403000=Retevision Movil Amena|Spain
21407000=Movistar (DCT3)|Spain
21407000=Movistar (DCT4)|Spain
2140B000=Movistar (DCT3 Old Contract?)|Spain
21412000=Movistar (DCT3 ??)|Spain
21601000=Pannon GSM|Hungary
21630000=Westel 900 GSM Mobile|Hungary
21670000=Vodafone Hungary|Hungary
21801000=Cronet|Bosnia Herzegovina
21819000=PTT Bosnia|Bosnia Herzegovina
21890000=PE PTT BIH|Bosnia Herzegovina
21901000=Croatian Telecoms Cronet|Croatia
21910000=Croatia VIPNET|Croatia
22002000=ProMonte GSM|Yugoslavia
22201000=Telecom Italia Mobile TIM|Italy
22210000=Omnitel Pronto|Italy
22288000=Wind Telecomunicazioni|Italy
22298000=Telefonia mobile Italy|Italy
22601000=MobiFon CONNEX GSM|Romania
22603000=Cosmorom |Romania
22610000=Mobil Rom DIALOG|Romania
22801000=Swisscom NATEL|Switzerland
22802000=diAx Mobile|Switzerland
23001000=T-Mobile CZ (Pegas)|Czech Republic
23002000=EuroTel Praha|Czech Republic
23003000=SPT Telecom (OSKAR)|Czech Republic
23101000=Globtel GSM|Slovak Republic
23102000=EuroTel GSM|Slovak Republic
23201000=Mobilkom Austria |Austria
23203000=T-Mobile |Austria
23205000=One Connect|Austria
23207000=Telering |Austria
23208000=Telefonica Austria|Austria
23210000=3 AT|Austria
23400000=Virgin (some 3510i)|United Kingdom
23400001=Virgin - SPECIAL CODE|United Kingdom
23400003=Tesco Mobile (3510i)|United Kingdom
23410000=02 - Cellnet|United Kingdom
23410000=Tesco Mobile|United Kingdom
23415000=Vodafone|United Kingdom
23420000=Hutchinson 3G (3)|United Kingdom
23430000=T-Mobile-One 2 One|United Kingdom
23430000=Virgin|United Kingdom
23433000=Orange|United Kingdom
23450000=Jersey Telecom GSM|United Kingdom
23455000=Guernsey Telecoms GSM|United Kingdom
23458000=Manx Telecom Pronto GSM|United Kingdom
23800000=Debitel Denmark|Denmark
23800001=Debitel 3510i-SPECIAL CODE|Denmark
23801000=Debitel DCT3|Denmark
23801000=TDC Mobil|Denmark
24000001=Telia Mobitel (3510i)|Sweden
24001000=Telia Mobitel|Sweden
24002000=Tre |Sweden
24003000=Orange |Sweden
24007000=Comviq GSM|Sweden
24008000=Vodafone |Sweden
24201000=BS Mobil|Norway
24201000=Lyse Energi|Norway
24201000=Telenor Mobil|Norway
24202000=Combitel Networks AS|Norway
24202000=NetCom GSM|Norway
24202000=Symfonika AS|Norway
24403000=Telia Finland|Finland
24405000=Alands Mobiltelefon|Finland
24407000=Nokia Test|Finland
24409000=Finnet Group|Finland
24491000=Sonera Corporation|Finland
24602000=UAB Bite GSM|Lithuania
24603000=Lithuania LT TELE2 |Lithuania
24604000=Lithuanian X-GSM Tele2|Lithuania
24701000=Latvian Mobile Tel.|Latvia
24702000=BALTCOM GSM|Latvia
24801000=Estonian Mobile Telephone|Estonia
24802000=Radiolinja Eesti|Estonia
24803000=Q GSM|Estonia
25001000=MTS Moscow|Russia
25002000=North-West GSM|Russia
25005000=Siberian Cellular|Russia
25007000=Zao Smarts|Russia
25010000=Don Telecom|Russia
25012000=New Telephone Company|Russia
25013000=Kuban GSM|Russia
25038000=Russia Wireless Technology|Russia
25044000=North Caucasian GSM|Russia
25099000=KB Impuls BeeLine|Russia
25501000=Ukrainian Mobile Comms|Ukraine
25502000=Ukrainian Radio Systems|Ukraine
25503000=Kyivstar GSM|Ukraine
25505000=Golden Telecom|Ukraine
25701000=VELCOM Belarus|Belarus
26001000=Polkomtel PLUS GSM|Poland
26002000=ERA GSM |Poland
26003000=IDEA Centertel|Poland
26201000=DeTeMobile D1 T-Mobile|Germany
26202000=Vodafone D2 (DCT3 3210)|Germany
26202000=Vodafone D2 (DCT3 3310)|Germany
26202000=Vodafone D2 (DCT4)|Germany
26203000=E-Plus Gmbh&Co KG E-Plus (GSM1800)|Germany
26207000=O2 Deutschland (DCT3 Contract)|Germany
26207000=O2 Deutschland (DCT3 Prepaid)|Germany
26207000=O2 Deutschland (DCT4)|Germany
26601000=Gibraltar Telecoms Gibtel|Gibraltar
26801000=Vodafone / Yorn|Portugal
27001000=P+T LUXGSM|Luxembourg
27077000=Millicom Tango GSM|Luxembourg
27201000=Vodafone - Eircell|Ireland
27202000=02 - Esat Digifone-code 7|Ireland
27401000=Iceland Telecom Siminn|Iceland
27402000=TAL hf|Iceland
27601000=Albanian Mobile Comms|Albania
28001000=Cyprus Telecoms Authority|Cyprus
28201000=Geocell Limited|Georgia
28202000=Magti GSM|Georgia
28304000=Karabakh Telecom|Armenia
28401000=MobilTel AD|Bulgaria
28601000=Turk Telekom Turkcell|Turkey
28602000=TELSIM Mobil Telekom.|Turkey
29001000=Tele Greenland|Greenland
29401000=Macedonian Tel. MobiMak |Macedonia
30200001=Fido-SPECIAL CODE|Canada
30237000=Microcell Connexions Inc|Canada
30272000=Rogers AT&T Wireless|Canada
31001000=Pacific Mobile Comms|Papua New Guinea
31017000=CINGULAR - Pacific Bell Wireless|U.S.A.
31038000=AT&T(Other DCT4)|U.S.A.
31042000=Cincinnati Bell Wireless|U.S.A.
31077000=Iowa Wireless Services|U.S.A.
33403000=MOVISTAR GSM - Pegaso GSM|Mexico
33805000=Mossel (Digicel)|Jamaica
33818000=Cable & Wireless |Jamaica
34001000=France Caraibe Ameris|French West Indies
34260000=Cable & Wireless|Barbados
34403000=APUA PCS|Antigua & Barbuda
34614000=Cable & Wireless|Camyan Islands
35002000=BTC MOBILITY|Bermuda
36011000=Cable & Wireless Caribbean Cellular|St. Vincent & the Grenadines
36439000=Bahamas Telcom Co|Bahamas
37001000=Orange|Dominican Republic
40001000=Azercell Telekom B.M.|Azerbaijan
40002000=J.V.Bakcell GSM 2000|Azerbaijan
40101000=Kazakhstan K-Mobile|Kazakhstan
40102000=Kazakhstan K-Cell|Kazakhstan
40407000=TATA Cellular|India
40410000=Bharti Cellular Telecom Airtel|India
40411000=Sterling Cellular Essar|India
40412000=Escotel Mobile Comms|India
40414000=Modi Telstra Modicom|India
40415000=Aircel Digilink Essar Cellph.|India
40420000=Hutchison Max Touch|India
40430000=Usha Martin Tel. Command|India
40440000=SkyCell Communications|India
40441000=RPG MAA|India
40442000=Srinivas Cellcom|India
40443000=Mobile BPL MOBILE|India
40446000=USWest BPL MOBILE|India
41201000=Telephone Systems Int Inc|Afghanistan
41220000=Telephone Development Co|Afghanistan
41302000=MTN Networks Dialog GSM|Sri Lanka
41501000=FTML Cellis|Lebanon
41601000=J.M.T.S Fastlink|******
41709000=Syrian Telecom Est. MOBILE|Syria
41902000=Mobile Telecoms MTCNet|Kuwait
42001000=Ministry of PTT Al Jawal|Saudi Arabia
42007000=Electronics App' Est. EAE|Saudi Arabia
42202000=General Telecoms|Oman
42401000=UAE ETISALAT-G1|United Arab Emirates
42402000=UAE ETISALAT-G2|United Arab Emirates
42501000=Orange - Partner Communications|Israel
42701000=Q-Tel QATARNET|Qatar
43404000=Daewoo Unitel|Uzbekistan
43701000=Bitel|Kyrgyz Republic
43801000=Turkmenistan BCTI|Turkmenistan
44020000=J-phone / Vodaphone Japan |Japan
45400000=Hong Kong Telecom CSL|Hong Kong
45404000=Hutchison Telecom|Hong Kong
45406000=SmarTone Mobile Comms|Hong Kong
45410000=New World PCS|Hong Kong
45412000=Peoples Telephone|Hong Kong
45416000=Mandarin Com. Sunday|Hong Kong
45418000=Pacific Link|Hong Kong
45422000=P Plus Comm|Hong Kong
45501000=C.T.M. TELEMOVEL+|Macau
45602000=Cambodia Samart Comms|Cambodia
45701000=Lao Shinawatra Telecom|Lao
46000000=China Telecom GSM|China
46001000=China Unicom GSM|China
46002000=Liaoning PPTA|China
46601000=Far EasTone Telecoms|Taiwan
46606000=TUNTEX Telecom|Taiwan
46688000=KG Telecom|Taiwan
46692000=Chunghwa Telecom|Taiwan
46693000=Mobitai Communications|Taiwan
46697000=Pacific Cellular TWNGSM|Taiwan
46699000=TransAsia Telecoms|Taiwan
47001000=Grameen Phone|Bangladesh
47002000=TM Int'l AKTEL|Bangladesh
47019000=Sheba Telecom|Bangladesh
50201000=My Digi|Malaysia
50202000=My BSB|Malaysia
50212000=Binariang Comms. Maxis|Malaysia
50213000=Telekom Cellular TM Touch|Malaysia
50216000=DiGi Telecommunications|Malaysia
50217000=Time Wireless Adam|Malaysia
50501000=Telstra Mobile Comms|Australia
50502000=Singtel Optus-Cable + Wireless Optus|Australia
50506000=Hutchinson 3G|Australia
50508000=Australia One-Tel|Australia
51001000=PT. Satelindo|Indonesia
51011000=PT. Excelcomindo Excelcom|Indonesia
51021000=Indosat M3|Indonesia
51501000=Isla Comms|Philippines
51502000=Globe Telecom|Philippines
51503000=Smart Communications|Philippines
51505000=Sun Cellular |Philippines
52001000=Advanced Info Service AIS|Thailand
52010000=WCS IQ|Thailand
52018000=Total Access Worldphone|Thailand
52023000=Digital Phone HELLO|Thailand
52501000=Singapore Tel. GSM 900|Singapore
52502000=Singapore Tel. GSM 1800|Singapore
52503000=MobileOne Asia|Singapore
52801000=Jabatan Telekom|Brunei Darussalam
52811000=DST Communications|Brunei Darussalam
53001000=Vodafone|New Zealand
53003000=Telecom NZ|New Zealand
53004000=Telstra|New Zealand
54201000=Vodafone Fiji|Fiji
54411000=Blue Sky|American Samoa
54601000=OPT Mobilis|New Caledonia
54720000=Tikiphone|French Polynesia
60202000=Misrfone Telecom. Click|Egypt
60301000=Algerian Mobile Network|Algeria
60302000=Orascom Telecom Algerie Spa|Algeria
60401000=Itissalat Al-Maghrib IAM|Morocco
60502000=Tunisie Telecom Tunicell|Tunisia
60801000=Sonatel ALIZE|Senegal
61001000=Malitel |Mali
61102000=Sotelgui Lagui|Guinea
61201000=Comstar Cellular Network|Ivory Coast / Cote d'Ivoire
61202000=Telecel|Ivory Coast / Cote d'Ivoire
61203000=S.I.M Ivoiris|Ivory Coast / Cote d'Ivoire
61205000=Loteny Telecom Telecel|Ivory Coast / Cote d'Ivoire
61501000=Togo Telecom TOGO CELL|Togo
61602000=TELECEL BENIN|Benin
61701000=Cellplus Mobile Comms|Mauritius
61801000=Omega Communications|Liberia
62401000=PTT Cameroon Cellnet|Cameroon
62501000=Cabo Verde Telecom|Cape Verde
63301000=Seychelles Cellular Services|Seychelles
63310000=Telecom AIRTEL|Seychelles
63401000=Mobile Telephone Company|Sudan
63401000=Telecom de Mocambique|Mozambique
63601000=Ethiopian Telecoms Auth.|Ethiopia
64101000=Celtel Cellular|Uganda
64110000=MTN Uganda|Uganda
64602000=SMM Antaris|Madagascar
64710000=Societe Reunionnaise SRR|Reunion
65001000=Telekom Network Callpoint|Malawi
65201000=Mascom Wireless|Botswana
65202000=Vista Cellular|Botswana
65501000=Vodacom|South Africa
65510000=MTN|South Africa
70267000=Belize Telecom|Belize
70268000=Int Telecom INTELCO|Belize
72231000=CTI Movil|Argentina
72234000=Telecom Personal SA|Argentina
72235000=Hutchison-PORT HABLE|Argentina
72403000=Tim NEW 1|Brazil
72404000=Tim NEW 2|Brazil
73001000=Entel Telefonia Movil|Chile
73010000=Entel PCS Telecom.|Chile
73210100=Occidente y Caribe Celular SA Occel SA-SPECIAL CODE|Columbia
73210300=Movil SA-SPECIAL CODE|Columbia
73601000=Nuevatel PCS|Bolivia
73602000=Entel SA|Bolivia


Unbelievable Tricks and Codes of all brands

Unbelievable Tricks and Codes of all brands by Mehmood Riaz

click here for download

Mobile Phone Code Shell

Lg Codes
Samsung Codes
Mix Codes
New Codes
Sanyo Cods
Motorola Codes
Nokia Codes
SkTeletech Codes
Panasonic codes
Philips code
Sony codes
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Huawei phone Unlocking Tools ..free

Unlock flashing erase flash


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click here for download

Chinese Miracle HardWare Solutions V3.0

Chinese Miracle HardWare Solutions V3.0 here
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All_SE_Hardware_FIX_Plus in one package

Sony Ericson Full Jumper

Sony ericson hardware picture all in one !

J-100 Charing - J-100 Mic - J-100 MIC1 - J-100 SIM WAYS - J-100 speaker1 - J-100 speaker - J-100 vibra - J100 ear piece - J100 speaker ways

J200 / J210
J200 buzzzer ways - J200 Blue LCD - J200 DISplay - J200 microfon and speaker - J200 ringer ways - J200 SIM WAYS - J200-j210i no lcd - J200i dead - J200i Joy stick - J200i mic soluition - J200i mic soluition1 - J200i riger - J200 / j210 joystick ways new edition - J200 manual - J200 earpiece - J210i joystic & keyboard - J210 LCD repair

J220 / J230
J220 - J230 keypad-ways - J220_J233keypad ways - J230 speaker - J230 Sim Card - J230i charge - J300 - J300i charging - j300i mic solution - J300i Insert Sim - J300i joystick J300i joystick2

K200i charging

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K310 / K510
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Part 1
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Part 2
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

UFSPRO Service Suite

UFS Pro Crack

UFSPRO Service Suite
[Price: $ 50.00 NOW IT S 4 U 4 FREEEEEEEWITH UR UFS BOX- Read/Write Product Code directly to phone (will work on DCT4/DCT4+/WD2/BB5)
- Read/Write Security Code directly to phone (will work on DCT4/WD2/BB5
- Could CHK UPP ID (usefull when checking if phone still responding
- Can backup DCT4 Rpl Support: ASIC 2,5,6,7 (only if PM 208 is present
- LCD Contrast Resetting Example: 1112 due to wrong unlocking got Blurred LCD - This feature you need to click to fix
- Vibra Testing with Selectable Range:
0 to 255
- Buzzer Testing with Selectble Range:
0 to 255
- LED Testing Such as; Display Light, Keypad Light and Rhythmic Light
- WatchDog Tester for DCT4/WD2 Phones to check if 30 seconds off or not
- CHECKING Phone memory supported some dct4 phones (tested on 3510i
- Reset LifeTimer (will work on DCT4/DCT4+/WD2/BB5
- Phone mode selection | Local, Normal,
Test mode
- Powering mobile to check keypad if ok ;-)
- Could Reset Factory Defaults, User data, Leave Factory, Service Centre, Software Upgrade and
Production tune
Supported phones:
2626 - 2610 - 1110i - 1112 - 2310 - 6030b - 1208 - 1200 - 1650 -1208b

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Monday, October 19, 2009

J.A.U new update bb5

WHATS NEW? (v2.5.5):

1.) fixed a bug with sequence number reading
thanks to this, many little bugs are now fixed:
*all phones should now be detected perfect
*sx4 auth. should now work like it should (hope so).

2.) fixed wrong imei reading (or half imei reading).

3.) addjusted a about box, with a field to say thanks
to all of you who helped and supported me with
this and other programms.

4.) addjusted the "CHECK UPDATE" button, thanks to this you can
see this news now and see if new update is aviable!

5.) addjusted bb5 selft tests (but iam not finished with
with it and i dont have tested it with jaf).

6.) corrected a bug, now after starting JAU, the main window
stay on top.

7.) now in sx4 auth. log the j.a.u version is displayed too,
this is easyer for me to find error when user found any.

8.) some cosmetical changes.
if you use jaf as interface, please wait for fix, there is a bug with jaf info reading...

(press the "check updates" button to see if update is aviable later).
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Nokia DCT4 IME change tutorial

Use J.A.F. Software
(IF U HAVE UFS THEN READ ths 1st click here to view)
first do full pm/208 Backup

full flash with jaf after flashing imei patch
must be use ip 2 by change imei
Click "IMEI Tool"
Click "IP2"
Enter new 14 digit IMEI

Check info again.. imei is changed

Tested by Me on Nokia 2600c and Nokia1202

free BB5 Master Code Unlocker Without Box

Unlock ALL BB5 Security Code free
BB5 Master Code Unlocker
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tool for C113/C114/C115/C116/C117/C118/C121/C122/C139/C140/ V171

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Your OWN BB5 RPL Maker

Your OWN BB5 RPL Maker From Bojs


Presenting the

Sola BB5 Repair Partner


This simple tool can:

1. Remove PM 120 section from your back-up PM file, without affecting or altering your original back-up.

2. Remove PM 308 section from your back-up PM file, without affecting or altering your original back-up.

3. Create RPL file from your PM back-up (!!!).
NOTE: The RPL created will only repair SIMLOCK data damaged phones and will not repair 123456789xxxx IMEI or so..

4. Make NPC Killed RPL files.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

flashNokia Nseries Phoenix cracked + usb calbe

Published : 14/07/2009

-DK2 Dongle Driver v
-Nokia Connectivity Cable USB Driver v (for Win2000 driver version
-Flash Update Package
-FLS-x Dongle Driver v 2.09.28
-FPS-11 version 5.10.0

Changes/improvements made from previous version 2009.12.7.38366

New products supported:
-RM-540, RM-590, RM-591, RM-572, RM-586, RM-541, RM-536, RM-535, RM-537, RM-570, RM-531, RM-558, RM-555, RM-553, RM-600, RM-497, RM-599, RM-573, RM-504, RM-455

Product support removed:
-RM-568, RM-562, RM-563

Error corrections & changes:
-New FLS-x Drivers improving FLS-5 stability
-Flash Update Package
-Menu changes:
-Product Verification removed from Product – menu
-Layout of Firmware Update / Options UI in Flashing – menu update
-Display Tune for S60 products removed from Tuning – menu
-PPC / FaultLog Archive & Send removed from Tools – menu
-Following obsolete Licence Automation – related menu items removed. Due to this change only Tucson system with related Phoenix menu items can be used for restore / variant change activities.
-Certificate Restore ( BB 5.0 generation products)
-IMEI /ESN Rebuild (DCT-4 generation products)
-Variant SWAP (DCT-4 generation products)
-Label Printing can be configured to use manual selection for Country Of Origin. Product specific data package may contain new label printing configuration in XML format. Please see product specific Technical Bulletins for further instructions.
-Operating Band reading / writing works only in test mode.

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Firmware (under bb5 support section)
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phoenix crack is better way for flash all BB5 phones zero error

MxKey Crack

mobileEx crack no Emulator no problem system


1. replace mxmobile.dll file in the folder C: \ mobileEx \ 3.2

2. Add daniscel.dll into windows/system32

dll modified by daniscell
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Nokia BB5 Ask 2 RPL Free 2009

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

SamsungRocker Crack

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Rebuild Imei support for(298): A411,A501,A701,A707,A711,A727,A801,A817,C100,C108, C110,C120,C130,C140,C170,C180,C200,C200N,C210,C216 ,C225,C230,C240,C250,C260,C300,C400,C510,C520,D100 ,D307,D347,D357,D407,D410,D415,D418,D428,D428F,D48 8,D520,D528,D550,D710,D720,D730,D800,D800N,D807,D8 08,D830,D836,D840,D910,E100,E105,E105,E108,E116,E2 10,E300,E300F,E305,E308,E310,E315,E316,E317,E318,E 320,E356,E400,E418,E470,E478,E490,E496,E498,E530,E 560,E570,E600,E600F,E610,E620,E630,E635,E638,E700, E708,E710,E715,E720,E720C,E720I,E720S,E728,E770,E8 00,E808,E810,E810C,E810F,E820,E828,E840,E850,E860, E860V,E870,E880,E900,E906,E910,E950,F200,F300,F308 ,F510,F700,I300,I300x,I310,I320,I505,I700,J600,J60 8,L600,L760,M300,M300B,M600,M608,N700,N707,N710,P1 00,P107,P108,P207,P300,P308,P310,P318,P400,P408,P5 10,P518,P705,P710,P720,P730,P735,P738,P777,P900,P9 10,P920,P940,P950,Q100,Q200,Q300,Q400,Q605,S100,S1 05,S108,S200,S205,S208,S300,S300M,S305,S308,S341,S 342,S400I,S401I,S410I,S500I,S501I,S730I,T519,T609, T619,T629,T639,T649,T719,U100,U108,U300,U308,U600, U608,U700,U700V,V100,V108,V200,V200C,V205,V206,V20 8,X100,X105,X105,X108,X120,X138,X140,X150,X156,X16 0,X160B,X200,X210,X300,X400,X408,X426,X426M,X427,X 427M,X430,X438,X450,X458,X460,X461,X461,X466,X466, X468,X475,X478,X480,X481,X486,X488,X500,X507,X510, X520,X530,X600,X608,X610,X620,X628,X630,X636,X660, X660V,X680,X680N,X680V,X686,X688,X770,X800,X810,X8 20,X830,X830N,X836,X838,X840,X900,Z150n,Z170,Z220, Z230,Z240,Z240E,Z320I,Z330,Z330,Z350,Z360,Z370,Z40 0,Z400V,Z520,Z550,Z560,Z560V,Z570,Z600,Z620,Z710,Z 720,ZV40,ZV50,ZV60,ZX20,

Service support for(229): C100,C108,C110,C120,C130,C140,C170,C180,C200,C200N ,C210,C216,C225,C230,C240,C250,C260,C300,C400,C510 ,C520,D100,D307,D347,D357,D407,D410,D415,D418,D428 ,D428F,D520,D528,D550,D710,D720,D730,D800,D800N,D8 07,D808,D830,D836,D840,D910,E105,E116,E210,E300,E3 00F,E305,E308,E310,E315,E316,E317,E318,E320,E356,E 400,E418,E470,E478,E490,E496,E498,E530,E560,E570,E 600,E600F,E610,E620,E710,E715,E720,E720C,E720I,E72 0S,E728,E770,E810,E810C,E810F,E840,E850,E860,E860V ,E870,E880,E900,E906,E910,E950,F200,F300,F308,I300 ,I300x,I310,I320,I505,I700,J600,J608,L600,M300,M30 0B,M600,M608,N700,N707,N710,P100,P107,P108,P207,P3 00,P308,P310,P318,P400,P408,P510,P518,P705,P710,P7 20,P730,P735,P738,P777,P900,Q100,Q200,Q300,Q400,Q6 05,S100,S105,S108,S200,S205,S208,S300,S300M,S305,S 308,S341,S342,S400I,S401I,S410I,S500I,S501I,S730I, T519,T609,T619,T629,T649,T719,U100,U108,U300,U308, U600,U608,V100,V108,V200,V200C,V205,V206,V208,X105 ,X120,X138,X140,X150,X156,X160,X160B,X200,X210,X30 0,X400,X408,X426,X426M,X427,X427M,X430,X438,X450,X 458,X461,X466,X475,X478,X480,X481,X486,X488,X500,X 507,X510,X520,X530,X610,X630,X636,X660,X660V,X680, X680N,X680V,X686,X688,X770,X800,X810,X820,X830,X83 0N,X836,X838,X840,X900,

Flashing support for(129): C130,C140,C170,C210,C216,C225,C230,C240,C250,C260, C300,C510,D347,D357,D407,D428,D428F,D520,D528,D800 ,D800N,D807,D808,D830,D836,D840,D910,E210,E300,E30 0F,E305,E308,E310,E316,E470,E478,E490,E496,E498,E5 70,E600,E600F,E720,E720C,E720I,E720S,E728,E770,E81 0,E810C,E810F,E840,E870,E900,E906,E910,E950,F200,F 300,F308,J600,J608,L600,M300,M300B,M600,M608,P300, P308,P777,P900,S108,S400I,S401I,S410I,S500I,S501I, S730I,T519,T609,T619,T629,T649,T719,U100,U108,U300 ,U308,U600,U608,V100,V108,V200,V200C,V205,V206,V20 8,X120,X160,X160B,X200,X210,X480,X481,X486,X488,X5 00,X507,X510,X520,X530,X630,X636,X660,X660V,X680,X 680N,X680V,X686,X688,X800,X810,X820,X830,X830N,X83 6,
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chaina mobile FLASHING with ufs & jaf

chaina mobile FLASHING with ufs & jaf
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All china insert sim problem

All china insert sim problem

Monday, October 5, 2009

All nokia hard library v7.00 HOT

All nokia hard library v7.00 HOT

What's new?
All nokia hard library v7.00 HOT
- Interface more powerfull and easy to use.
- Easy to update in future ( no need to download full package).
- More models and solutions are added.
. Models and Solutions
1100/2300: car,charge,earpiece,speaker,local mode,micro,network,on/off,ring,sim
1110/1600/2310: buzzer,charge,handsfree,keypad,lcd,lcd light,light,sim,test mode
1200: charge,keypad,lcd,light,micro,on/off,sim,speaker,test mode
1650: dislay light,on/off,ring,test mode
2600: buzzer,car,charge,lcd,light,test mode
2610: audio,car,charge,lcd,micro,test mode
2630: charge,on/off,test mode
2650: car,display,headset,light,micro,ring,sim
2660: light,sim
2760: charge,sim
3100: antenna,blue lcd,charge,lcd,lcd light,local mode,on/off,ring,sim,sim track
3110: charge,display,display2,ear,speaker,keypad,light,m icro,mmc,on/off,sim,spaeker
3200: camera,charge,display,keypad,lcd,light,local mode,on/off,ring,sim
3220/6020: camera,charge,headset,keypad,lcd,led,local mode,micro,on/off,sim
3230: audio,camera,ear,hang,headset,joystick,keypad,lcd, lcd light,led,mmc,on/off,spaeker
3250: bt,camera,charge,display,earpiece,keypad,lcd,micro ,mmc,on/off,signal,sim
3650: blank,camera,display,headset,keypad,lcd,led,micro, mmc,on/off,sim,speaker,vibra,white
5100: lcd,sim
5140: camera,lcd,
5200/5300: buzzer,camera,charge,display,keypad,lcd light,light,micro,mmc,network,on/off,sim
5310: buzzer,camera,charge,display,earpiece,flex,full,ke ypad,lcd,micro,mmc,network,on/off,sim
5500: audio,display,keypad,network,ring,sim,speaker
5610: micro,on/off
5700: buzzer,micro
6030: keypad,lcd,lcd light,micro,buzzer,charge,test mode,lcd,lcd light,sim
6060: charge,local mode,sim
6070: buzzer,camera,charge,keypad,lcd,lcd light,local mode,on/off,sim,speaker
6085: handsfree,micro,sim
6101: buzzer,lcd light,light,local mode,sim
6110: micro
6120: buzzer,keypad,lcd,light,vibra,vol keys
6125: charge,keypad,camera,micro,sim
6131: blank,charge,keypad,led,micro,mmc,on/off
6151: sim
6170: down keys,keypad,local mode
6230: buzzer,camera,charge,gallery,keypad,led,light,mmc, on/off,sim,test mode,vol keys
6233: audio,bt,bsi,camera,charge,display,ear,keypad,lcd, led,micro,mmc,network,ring,sim,slide keys,vol keys
6260: charge,keypad,lcd,light,micro,mmc,on/off,ring,sim
6263: buzzer,keypad
6267: buzzer,charge,on/off,vibra,camera
6270: camera,charge,display,headset,keypad,led,light,mic ro,network
6280: blank,bt,camera,charge,display,keypad,lcd led,mmc,on/off,signal,sim
6300: blue lcd,bt,camera,charge,display,keypad,lcd,lcd light,led,micro,mmc,network,not power,on/off,ring,sim,spaeker,vibra
6500c: charge
6500s: camera
6600: batt,blank,buzzer,camera,charge,display,earpiece,g allery,joystick,keyboard,keypad,lcd led,micro,mmc,network,on/off,sim,spaker,vibra
6610/7210: lcd,light,not power,on/off,ring,sim
6630: audio,bt,camera,charge,display,earpiece,headset,ke ypad,light,mico,not power,on/off,sim,speaker,vibra,white
6670/7610: camera,charge,display,ear,keyboard,lcd,micro,on/off,ring,sim
6680: bt,camera,display,handfree,keypad,light,mmc,networ k,on/off,signal,sim,white
7200: led,local mode,sim
7250: micro,lcd,not power,light
7360: headset,keys,light,sim,speaker
7370: charge,keypad,local mode,vol keys
7373: mmc,sim
7390: charge
7500: camera,charge
7710: blank,display,mmc
8800: light,sim
E50 : audio,charge,joystick,keypad,micro,mmc
E60 : bt,buzzer,charge,display,keypad,light,on/off,sim,speaker,vibra,white
E61 : audio,blank,charge,joystick,lcd,on/off,signal,sim
E65 : display,keypad,lcd,light,offline,white
N70 : Audio,bt,camera,charge,ear,flash light,handfree,keypad,lcd,light,micro,missmatch,mm c,on/off,ring,signal,sim,synchro,white
N73 : charge,front cam,joystick,keypad,led,micro,ear,mmc,network,on/off,sim,speaker,vibra,white
N80 : charge,hang,keypad,lcd,light,mmc,network,on/off,ring,svc,white
N81 : boot,camera
N90 : charge,keypad,micro,network,sim
N91 : charge,display,ear,handfree,hang,hdd,keypad,on/off,vibra,white
N93 : charge,keypad,micro,offline
N95 : audio,bluelcd,bt,cam keys,camera,charge,flash cam,keypad,lcd,lcd led,lightmmc,network,on/off,restart,sim,usb,,vibra
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Saturday, October 3, 2009

All Nktel alternet ring ic 100% working

All Nktel alternet ring ic 100% working

Motorola hardware Guide

Motorola hardware Guide
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Sonyericsson Mobile Repair Hardware

Part 1
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Part 2
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Part 3
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Part 4
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Part 5
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SonyEricsson,Siemence,Samsung Reapair

Gsm Hardwear Repair SonyEricsson siemence samsung all in one
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MMC Repair Solution Pictures

N76 MMC Repair
N80 MMC Repair
N73 MMC Repair
3110c MMC Repair
N95 MMC Repair
N70 MMC Repair
3650 MMC Repair
6680 MMC Repair
7373 MMC Repair
NGage QD MMC Repair
6233 MMC Repair
6300 MMC Repair
6280 MMC Repair
5200 MMC Repair
6600 MMC Repair
6230 MMC Repair
7710 MMC Repair
3660 MMC Repair
3250 MMC Repair
N82 MMC Repair
5310 MMC Repair
7610 MMC Repair
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