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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Semc A2 Imei Changer - The-End -

Attention: Semc A2 Imei Changer Sellers & Buyers
Don't Waste Time To Advertise Or Requesting For The Solution Of A2 IMEI.

Get from phone phone_acc.cxc

find Cops_HandleSignal (pattern: 00xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx00), find and patch COPS_IMEI_Read (pattern: 0Fxxxxxxxxxx)

patch cops handler, insert own imei

recalc sha1 signatures

upload phone_acc.cxc back to phone

say thanks to stupidness of semc .cxc security developers

notice, that phone must be brown or have patched semcboot from setool2 (most 3rd-party developers using it in own products)

Phone must be brown and unlocked before apply this action.
OTP remain not change aswell, so use as your own risk.
Good luck!



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