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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nokia Firmware GUI Editor Beta 0.1.3

Nokia Firmware GUI Editor Beta 0.1.3

Nokia Firmware GUI Editor Beta 0.1.3

This application is only for ROFS2, ROFS3.
Core is supported only for extracting and viewing files.
UDA is not supported.
Thanks to PNHT

Feature List

1 - Firmware is fully editable within the app

2 - Opening the fast firmware file (fpsx, V **, C00) only drag on the left pane.
3 - The possibility of opening a whole folder and choose the firmware file you want from the list
4 - Fast File / search engine files and folders (no "wildcard")
5 - View to read the partition size and free space ROFS
6 - Support drag and drop milti-files / folders in the app to add to or edit existing firmware
7 - Alerts you if the requested size exceeds ROFS
8 - Support for renaming files
9 - Very simple and intuitive graphical interface, with many details
10 - Currently supported phones: 5530, 5800, N97, N86.
11 - Other phones like the 5320, 6650 are supported, but these phones are removed and only viewable files (such as file 5800 Core)

Future features:

- Export and import of changes to facilitate the rebuilding of the firmware

Updated: Change Log

* Fixed v2, v3 * ى and so because of open files in the firmware
* Fixed access violation at address 00404437 in module 'error NokiaFirmwareEditor.exe

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