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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Super Completed" Schematics Nokia 2010

Completed Schematics Nokia 2010 in one pack

Schematics Nokia Super Completed in this years...

- more service schematic
- more service manual Level 1 & 2
- more service manual Level 3 & 4
- with 12 page and the file size is almost 700 mb
- easier for you to choose which phone schematic will be selected
- almost 350 more Nokia phone schematic & service manual all in one package

Part 1

click here for download

Part 2

click here for download

Part 3

click here for download

Part 4

click here for download

Part 5

click here for download


click here for download

Part 7

click here for download

Part 8

click here for download

Part 9

click here for download

Part 10

click here for download

Flash Tool v3.0936

Flash Tool v3.0936
Bug fixes:
1. [DA] Read back function cannot work if the length is not aligned
to USB packet size
New features:
1. [Console Mode] Re-design the schema to make it more flexible

click here for download

PUK code reader v6.01 v2.1

click here for download

Nokia 2730c All repair

Nokia 2730c camera solution
Nokia 2730c charging no response
Nokia 2730c fake charge.charging not save solution.
lcd & keypad light solution
Nokia 2730c handsfree solution
Nokia 2730c local mode test mode
charging not supported solution
Nokia 2730c keypad solution
Nokia 2730c mmc solution
Nokia 2730c ringer solution
Nokia 2730c usb not detected solution

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

J.A.U 2.6.8 withe sx4 server

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Nokia 3110c_3500c charging ways shourt solution..

Click image for full view.

Dits Cables Finder

With Dits cables finder you can find out which cable fits which mobile.

--------------------------------Update Log------------------------------------------
V1.2 release on 15/12/2009
1. add Lcd compatible find function
2. change the software to very good name DITS GSM FINDER
3. fix some error compatible data.(if you find any worng data in our software, welcome you to feed back to sam@ditsonline.com )

1. add Samsung, Lg, Zte, Alcatel cable data
2. change the layout

1. Use only for nokia compactible
2. Search very fast, what you type, what you get

--------------------------------Software Snap------------------------------------------

Lastest version:(Direct download)

click here for download

--------------------------------Error Info------------------------------------------
If you got runtime error, please install the patch for windows. You also can download this patch from microsoft.

click here for download

Nokia Bluetooth Solution


click here for download

Nokia N97 service solutions

click here for download

Nokia 2630 & 2600C Full Hardware Solution

This solution Box contain all hardware solutions of Nokia 2630 and Nokia 2600c like Audio, charging, MIC, camera, Bluetooth and big problem is "INSERT SIM" and more solutions.

Main Features:

1. Audio Jumpers solutions

2. Charging hardware jumper Solution

3. Camera hardware jumper Solution

4. MIC hardware jumper Solution

5. Buzzer hardware jumper Solution

6. Bluetooth hardware jumper Solution

click here for download

Huawei Unlock Pack 1.1Huawei Unlock Pack 1.1

* Spanish Language.
* Based in JAU Software.
* Add Config Modem for Colombia Latin America ( all operators ).
* Direct Support For E220/E960.
* Support via Mail all Huawei Modem ( NCk Wait maximum 24 hs ).

click here for download

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Aerix v0.99 released

Aerix v0.99 released


Unlocking of A2 phoneshas never been so easy. Aerix is fast, reliable, intuitive and what is most important FREE software which you will love.

* Full non-testpoint unlock of all A2 platform based phones (all except of CID53)
* No quantity limits
* Free of charge
* Just register and use the software


* Released new version Aerix v0.99.447
* Updated SEMCBOOT to R6A019

* Aerix website has been introduced
* Aerix v0.99 released...

Supported Phones

Aerix supports A2 platform based phones:
* C510, C702, C901, C902, C903, C905
* G905, G705
* K630, K660, K850, K858
* T700, TM506
* V640
* W595, W705, W715, W760, W890, W902, W908, W910, W980
* Z750, Z770, Z780
click here for download

click here for download

click here for Registration

Monday, December 14, 2009

Open Simple Flasher/Dumper

This program allows the Flashing & Dumping of many Samsung Handsets.

I've not had time to play with it much but I've used it to read the EEPROM from a D900i successfully using a (powered) serial cable. I've not tried it on USB as yet so I do know if USB works. I did try JAF COM Emulator without success but I don't have much luck with JAF COM Emulator!

Before anyone asks for step by step instructions with 3D video tutorial in Wide Screen HD format! It came with no information at all. But it seems fairly straight forward and to be honest if you need instructions for this sort of program, then you really probably should not be playing with it!!


click here for download

Here is a tutorial with pics that how to flash samsung e250 using this soft.
click here for download

Nokia N95 8GB mass mamory not avoailable.100% solution.

Click on image for full view.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

KG 200,300 with Handsfree Mode solution

Here is the solution of KG 300 with Handsfree Mode...when ur Tracks of Handsfree Jack are missing...

Tested on many phones..

Software complete with firmware updates Nokia

Click image for full and better view.

The (Navi Firmware V.0.1) is the method that always used and use to download flash files for Nokia, with constant updates to the last product code.

Download method is simple, see the procedure below;

* Open Software attached (navifirm)
* Please download the list of templates in the left
* Select Model ---> version ---> and files to be downloaded (this time I think you know what)
Press on (Download From Fire), select where to store the download.


I hope you like it, because to me for nokia is the right arm.

1 Need to have NET Framework Version 2.0 installed on your PC
click here for download

2 password correctly (www.clangsm.com.br)
click here for download

Friday, December 11, 2009

Pinout bb5 and bb5plus- All In Come

Click On images for full and clear view.

click here for download

..::First sloution for startup 5610,6500s Solved ::..

The way to solve the problem of restarting 5610 and 6500 phones after power ON
as you know nokia phones 5610 and 6500 from the beginning of production, have been many problems and most of this problems are solved, but one of this problems that is unsolved yet , is phone restart in this models of phones.
this problem is common in phone startup.

there is different ways to solve this problem that some of theme are :
1-Flash Phone with different Firmwares.
2-Make backup and Erase and Flash and Restore backups
3-Use Rpl
4-Reball or switch IC of Betty or Avilma
5-Reball cpu
6-Change LCD @ FLAT
7- Connect BSI to GND


but will eventually realize that none of these solutions can not solve the problem.

so you can use from the iranian solution fully that created by "mobile emergency group"
this is the result of several months trying of our friends in "GSM-ALL" site and "engineer behrouz rahimi".

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Free calculator For LG 510 SHINE

Free calculator por LG 510 SHINE
Go to phone it types *#06#, then it shows the IMEI code
Later you it types this code IMEI in the program
necessary that it is typed correctly error-free not to have problems
When to finish to type the IMEI, the Code to unblock is under (UNLOCK CODE).
It types in the phone
Made this it appears in cellular " To insert code"
It types what it appeared in the program
Finally! Phone unblocked
Free calculator por LG 510 SHINE

click here for download

Motorola C115, C117 Not Charging solutions

5130 fake charging solution

Nokia 1200_1208_1209_1650 battry not on solution

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