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Monday, December 14, 2009

Open Simple Flasher/Dumper

This program allows the Flashing & Dumping of many Samsung Handsets.

I've not had time to play with it much but I've used it to read the EEPROM from a D900i successfully using a (powered) serial cable. I've not tried it on USB as yet so I do know if USB works. I did try JAF COM Emulator without success but I don't have much luck with JAF COM Emulator!

Before anyone asks for step by step instructions with 3D video tutorial in Wide Screen HD format! It came with no information at all. But it seems fairly straight forward and to be honest if you need instructions for this sort of program, then you really probably should not be playing with it!!


click here for download

Here is a tutorial with pics that how to flash samsung e250 using this soft.
click here for download

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