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Sunday, October 25, 2009

How to Change IMEI in Nokia

How to Change IMEI in Nokia
DCT4++ now can make this very Easy.
See Video.
In Attach i put Files to this models.
Make this:
You can Use Jaf Cracked Version.
1-put PATCH in MCU.
2-PPM and CNT asuaual (Ver 4.11)must.
3-Tick on UI and UNLOCK options.
4-When unlock patch ask file, give same patch which use in MCU.
5-Tested on 1200 1208 and 1650

supported models :

Nokia DCT4+++ 1208, 1200 , 1650 etc

Download :

video how to change IMEI in NOKIA

click here for download


  1. I normally use the imei number to unlock a mobile. When my mobile was locked i use the unlock code where i purchased it from online & got the instructions from http://www.mobileunlockguide.com/ on that time it asks for the imei to unlock. But here the given post was nice to get new idea about how to change the imei number. But is this work?

  2. thanks for this information. though you need to update it as soon as new method is in place.

  3. thanks for this guide. my mind is that you need to update it as soon as new method is in place from time to time www.usbmodemunlockingtips.blogspot.com


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