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Monday, October 19, 2009

J.A.U new update bb5

WHATS NEW? (v2.5.5):

1.) fixed a bug with sequence number reading
thanks to this, many little bugs are now fixed:
*all phones should now be detected perfect
*sx4 auth. should now work like it should (hope so).

2.) fixed wrong imei reading (or half imei reading).

3.) addjusted a about box, with a field to say thanks
to all of you who helped and supported me with
this and other programms.

4.) addjusted the "CHECK UPDATE" button, thanks to this you can
see this news now and see if new update is aviable!

5.) addjusted bb5 selft tests (but iam not finished with
with it and i dont have tested it with jaf).

6.) corrected a bug, now after starting JAU, the main window
stay on top.

7.) now in sx4 auth. log the j.a.u version is displayed too,
this is easyer for me to find error when user found any.

8.) some cosmetical changes.
if you use jaf as interface, please wait for fix, there is a bug with jaf info reading...

(press the "check updates" button to see if update is aviable later).
click here for download

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