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Thursday, August 26, 2010

BB5 component functions

BB5 component functions

1.Level Shifter
Manage IC functions to the data path from the front camera to the CPU. When broken, will result in disruption of the function of the front camera so can not be activated.

2.64 Mbit NOR Flash
Is subuah IC with a capacity of 64 Mbit Flash. Flash IC storing programs to be executed by the CPU. There are two Flash IC damage, damage to hardware, and software. Hardware damage is damage to the IC itself, the damage occurs when the contents of a software program erased or changed by accident. Both this damage does not normally produce mobile phones, such as the total dead cell phone, hangs, LCD blank, no signal, locked phones, and many more.
How to repair, if there is damage to software is to make the process of flashing.

3.IC TK65600B
This IC is the IC to raise the DC voltage level. When the IC is damaged, could cause the lights on the screen or mobile phone keypad is not lit.

4.RAP 3G
Abbreviations of Radio Application Processor. Was one of two CPUs on BB5 phones. CPU is certainly a function of controlling the performance of the cell phone, but one of its main functions is to control, process data from cell phone radio section. When the CPU is damaged, or part of the CPU is damaged, the total mobile phone can die, no signal, and others.

Stands for Open Multimedia Application Platform. Is the second CPU of a BB5 generation mobile phone. OMAP is also often called APE (Application Phone Engine). CPU function is different from the RAP 3G. This CPU is more focused on the work of existing applications such as cameras in cell phones, bluetooth, LCD, Keypad, MMC, and others. So if the CPU is problematic, or part of the CPU is damaged, will cause the death total, the keypad can not be suppressed, Bluetooth error, MMC problem, the camera is not working, LCD blank, and other

6.64 Mbit SDRAM
RAM stands for Random Access Memory, is a CPU working memory are temporary and can not store data permanently, if the working voltage of the RAM is lost, along with the data in RAM is lost even participate. When RAM is damaged, usually the total dead cell phone, can not re-programmed.

This IC is one of the two existing power IC in the mobile type of BB5. Damage to the IC die may cause the total mobile phone, can not find the network, no network, can not read the card, can not read MMC, interference in the audio, and others.

8.Combo Memory
This memory type is a combination of Flash with 256 Mbit 256 Mbit RAM. This memory has a capacity large enough. The contents of this memory is to store the data in the form of a program to run OMAP CPU. Not normally the contents of program memory on this combo will cause lots of damage. One of the most common is the LCD blank.

32 Khz crystal 9.Osilator
This component is a type of crystal oscillators that function to produce a single wave with a frequency of 32 768 Hz. If this component is not normally a problem could lead to mobile phones, such as mobile phones can not be lit, the problem with the clock cell phone, etc.

Static 10.Anti
Anti-static function to protect the IC from static electricity this time is used to protect the CPU from static electricity that may be entered via the keypad connector. So when the IC is damaged can cause malfunction of the keypad, or often also called? Pad hank?

11.Rangkaian LM 2708
Combination of this IC to form a series of SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply). Or circuit switching power supply with the system. This circuit produces a voltage of 1.4 volts which is called the vCore A. This stress is working for OMAP CPU. So if there is a problem on this circuit, OMAP is not working normally, handphnone will die totally.

WCDMA antenna 12.Konektor
N70 BB5 mobile phone such as mobile phones have two systems, GSM and WCDMA. WCDMA antenna connector is dirty or bad if the connect will cause signal interference on WCDMA network.

WCDMA switch 13.Antena
The function of this component is to separate the signal Rx (Receiver) and the signal TX (transmitter). If damaged will disrupt radio system on the WCDMA system.

14.Regulator camera
The regulator function provides a stable voltage for the front camera. Disturbances in this IC circuit and malfunction of the circuit will cause the front camera on this phone N70.

15.bundle PA and the ultimate controlling
This series serves to strengthen the transmitters band WCDMA signal. IC PA is also called the final amplifier. If this component is damaged, it will be difficult to use mobile phones to call. Or it could also cause the indicator handpone no signal at all.

16.DC/DC to flash converter
This circuit is used to set the lights flash when being photographed images. How it works is to raise the DC voltage level to a higher voltage level. When the series had problems, would interfere with the function of a flash lamp.

This IC may also be called the RX processor. RX signal processing functions for both GSM and WCDMA. When the IC is damaged or not working will lead to normal handphnoe no signal, weak signal receiver, and so forth.

RX 18.Filter
This filter functions as a filter. If terjdi problems with this component, the signal receiver will be disrupted. Since this is a WCDMA filter, there will be disruption on the band WCDMA, when the filter is problematic.

IC is a function to process the signal TX. This IC can process the signal TX either GSM or WCDMA. If the IC is in trouble will cause problems on the transmitter. Symptoms is difficult for mobile phones, also difficult to take the phone, can also no signal at all.

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