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Friday, November 27, 2009

XS++ version 3.1

New version of the great XS++ software was recently released. Version 3.1 "Darwin" has bunch of new features:(its not free)

• DB2010 New Security models handled, e.g. W810i CID50
• Added Smartphone EPOC CCPU (Phone Part) Flashing
• K750/W800 etc now have unlocked CSloader. no more breakin and sleeping phones
• CID29 CS Loaders added
• Experimental DB3150 detection and profiling
• Auto CID update changed for PNX support

Download from four mirrors.

1.SE-NSE Download
click here for download

click here for download

click here for download

click here for download

Here is its old version which is free I think.
Direct Download
click here for download

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