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Monday, November 23, 2009

JAU 2.6.8 Black Edition Nokia HUAWEI

* J.A.U is a FREE Unlock Programm.
* It is able to Unlock BB5 Sl2 Nokia Phones (E71 v300 Firmware too).
* It is able to Unlock HUAWEI USB Modems.
* It is able to Unlock HUAWEI E970 Router in just 3 Seconds!
* It is able to Read Unlockcode from Device or Calculate it via Server for most Huawei Modems.
* It is able to Repair Nokia SL2 "Contact Service" caused by demaged PM 120 Field.
* Regular Updates
* It have its own SX4 Server online 24/7.
* Read Nokia Security Code.
* Read / Write Full Permanent Memory.
* And many more is planned!


) Full Permanent Memory Reading for UFS / JAF Interface supported!
.) Full Permenent Memory Writing for UFS / JAF Interface supported!
.) Multi FTDI Device Support - now you can choose the Interface.
.) Complete new Design in Black Glass.
.) New Grafiks.
.) Now all Buttons witch need booted interface are disabled till Interface is booted.
.) Manual Local Mode Option addjusted.
- if you have a Phone witch need long to go into Local Mode, you can check
Manual Local Mode Checkbox, J.A.U will wait for your "OK" to connect to Phone.
You have to Press "OK" Button when you see that your Phone is in stable Local Mode.
.) Addjusted Stop Button to Stop Processes.
.) BB5+ SL2 Direct Unlocking should be possible now, but is not tested by me.
- Make full Backup before you try to Direct Unlock.
.) Now its is possible to make SX4 Authorization and direct write any PM file into
your Phone. You can also check the Security Test Status to know if it worked.
.) Also J.A.U have now its own new ICON, hope you like it.
.) Addjusted the Official J.A.U - Support Forum @ GUAR FORUM by ednacell into the
Support tab.
.) Changed Grafik in About Tab to Black Style.
.) Addjusted some Reset commands for better HUAWEI Unlocking.
.) Many new thinks are done in source code and is preparied for next update,
all old functions will be changed with the new one for better working.
.) Removed the Splash Screen cause this have caused some errors when closing J.A.U.
Direct Download
click here for download

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