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Monday, November 23, 2009

Unlock New motorola phones V8,V3xxr... via server

Unlock New motorola phones V8,V3xxr... via server:.
Now you will be able to unlock your new phones by imei with the help of Radiocomm software:
-Connect the phone, then open radiocomm, make sure it is in GSM mode (Main>MA>GSM) After you have done that go to Settings>USB>GNPO USB Driver, then connect the phone, while making sure no other motorola phone programs are open. The Circle in the top should change to magenta from the red, if not then try doing it again with the phone plugged in.
-After you have established a connection with Radiocomm, Click on the GSM 3 Tab at the top, then go down to where it says SBDY_LCK, choose 00-Get status and then click execute, if you get a 00 that means your phone is unlocked, 01 meaning it is locked.
Now to unlock your phone all what you have to do is just enter the 16 numbers code in the box and press execute in the upper side of the screen, must appear that subsidy code is done.
You can also change ime..........
click here for download


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