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Saturday, November 7, 2009

New SpiderManV2.60 Crack_Test

New SpiderManV2.60 Crack_Test
SpiderManV2.60.exe only

Password: GUAR_FORUM

Soft works fine, if you just put the 2.60 exe. (latest version of crack} to the 2.55 crack folder, you should also copy V2.60 boot folder and overwrite v2.55 boot folder, otherwise update is useless coz the adittional bootloader support are missing.
It will leads to NOR flash not supported. so it is necessary to copy also the 2.60 boot folder to 2.55 folder not just the 2.60 exe.

....Spiderman_2.60 msi was detected by kaspersky containing trojan virus, so unable to extract the file, unless you off your antivirus. so here is the missing/updated boot files.

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