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Friday, November 27, 2009

USB-Smart SEMC Tool 8.7

This is a tool for SonyEricsson phones which can performs lot of jobs for your SonyEricsson phone Like ime changing,unlocking , Reparing, Security code reseting, Flashing, Reading Firmware. This software works on various interfaces which are DDS-20/DSS-25, Cruiser 4 in 1, Fighter Cable, T28 Serial Cable, UFSx/Twister etc.

Following operations can be done by this software:

- Read Phone Information (IMEI, CID etc.)
- Clear SP locks
- Read All Codes
- Clear User Code
- Change IMEI
- Lock to Net
- Flash AVR
- Flash ARM
- Read Flash
- & more

Supported phones:

K300, J300, K500,K508, F500, K600, K608, V600, K700, K750, D750, W800, S700, S710, V800, Z800, Z1010, Z500a, A3618S, P800, P802, P900, P908, R520M, R520MC, R600, T39m, T39mc, T35, T68, T68I, T68ie, T100, T105, T106, T200, T202, T226, T237, T230, T238, T300, T310, T312, T316, T610, T618, T616, T630, T628, T637, J200, J208, Z200, Z208, Z600, Z608, A2618, A2628, A2218z, T20, T29.

click here for download

1 comment:

  1. i tried with cruiser cable after clear sp unlock fone is dead with a green light blicking please i need a flash file or else am dead please help me


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