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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

NokiaFirmwareEditor (1.0 r9 beta)

Docrorly developed a simple DIY tools, and NokiaEditor ability is similar. Thank willing to test Brush the TX.

2010.05.02 2010.05.02
Improved as follows:
(1) N96 can not support, the other current models can DIY package can be unpacked correctly.(However, note that the successful launch package that is able to Brush)

(2) The model is divided into first and second categories, firmware, there are a number of different formats. Open the file need to select the model type

The first models include: N97/N97i/N97mini/5800/5530/5230/X6/N86/N85/N79/5630/E72/E52
The second category models include: 5320/N78/6220C

3) can automatically distinguish between open documents or ROFS3 ROFS2

(4) improving ROFS packing algorithm.Can correctly handle various sizes of ROFS3 documents and files can be avoided in smaller ROFS3 add more documents are seriously flawed, leading to the collapse of JAF.

Improved as follows:

(1) can check the firmware package capacity
(2) modified the Type II machine packing serious error
(3) found that more models are Type II machine


(1) increased the minimize button (2) improved packaging method

2010.06.06 update:
Uninstall BUG in the settlement based on the perfect solution covered with a 0 byte file named Z disk files. That is: as long as rofs the 0 byte file, it will completely delete the core package of the same name. Z disk from your phone you can not see this document.

doctorly 2010.06.05 improved as follows:
(1) modification of the packing algorithm
(2) to support drag and drop the firmware file to the window to open the file, a little more convenient
(3) to increase the "test" function. After the selection of model type, open rofs file, unpack and then test the model packing algorithm can be drawn whether the firmware file for the selected
(4) automatically create a temp directory
(5) Repack directory automatically create a new generation of the firmware files into the directory Repack
(6) modify the capacity shows a little bit simple
(7) delete the temporary file to run in

Key improvements: State Bank firmware do not delete any documents, including 0 bytes of sis file, could not can not uninstall the software BUG. The key is to test this one ha! !

Also: fp1 and Mr packing algorithm models have problems, cancel support. Later.

Posted Image

Resized to 87% (was 812 x 587) - Click image to enlargePosted Image

Resized to 85% (was 826 x 574) - Click image to enlargePosted Image

Note: It is better than NokiaEditor Beta7 for editing rofs2 file of Nokia 5230/5233/5235 Thanks to CHANDARAKK and sekhon1419 for this info

Download Link:



Here is translated English version by me.....

NFE_1.0r4beta En by cupinthemud.rar

NFE_1.0r9beta EN by cupinthemud .rar

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