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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jaf on ufs flashing

Now i am starting it 1st for nokia mobile. All of you guys know that mobile flashing is an important function so here u go for jaf-pkey for ufs emulation.
1st install jaf setup

click here for download

then install pkey emulater
click here for download

Run jaf pkey emulater now u can flash new mobiles wether they are supported in ufs or not.
Here are jaf usb drivers just copy them in system 32 folder in windows and in programfiles/ oedon folder too if it needed.

click here for download

If u r facing any problem then look at this but remember use above procedure if above procedure fails then follow this one on your own resposibility.

click here


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  2. hi
    i am geting error oh no p key
    help plezzz


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