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Monday, May 11, 2009

DirectCom v1.1.5 Crack

DirectCOM software is used for transformation UFSx in hi-speed COM port.
You can use all connectors which are delivered in the complete set.
And also you can make other connectors which are not delivered in the complete set.
The circuit of connector UFSx is shown below.
All this allows to work without purchase Unibox

UFSx RG-45 Connector Pinout Info

1 - Vpp (supported)

2 - GND

3 - M-Bus (supported)

4 - Tx (supported)

5 - Rx (supported)

6 - IBI (supported)

7 - P5v - Power (5 volt) (constant voltage)

8 - PWR - AutoIgnition(supported)

click here for download

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