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Friday, May 8, 2009

FREE JAF Nokia BB5Plus No TP Unlocker v2.01 by Zulea

Added "Make unlocked PM" function
(can be safely used on all new BB5+ who have write protectede PM120 and PM308)
This function create unlocked PM (fields 120 and 308) file in text (*.PM) format.
For unlock phone, have to write this file using any box software like JAF, MT, UB, ...
Some new models like 5800, N85, ... require SX4 PM authorization before!
- Included PM120 in backup and restore operations for BB5+ phones
- All backups are now saved in PM format too (can be used with another boxes)

This software was released by FREE because Raskal have to pay me 108451 EUR + 83445$.
Unlocking market killing will continue until Raskal pay his debts to me.

click here for download

1 comment:

  1. It's nice software.
    I unlocked my mobile using the code.
    I got the unlocking code and instructions from unlock solutions.


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