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Friday, July 2, 2010

Nice reading program for LG models supported

Good here I bring a little program that I found interesting post comments on the use
Modelos compatibles:
-LG KP235, LG CG300, LG KG280? LG KM280.KP100
- A7110, A7150
- B2000, B2050, B2070, B2100, B2150
- C1100, C1150, C1200, C1400, C2100, C2200, C3100, C3300
C3310, C3320, C3380, C3400, C3600
- F2100, F2200, F2250, F2300, F2400, F2410, F2500, F7100
- G233, G632, G672, G682, G822, G1500, G1600, G1610, G3100
G5200, G5220, G5300, G5400, G5600, G7070, G7100
- KG110, KG120, KG210, KG220, KG225, KG228, KG245, KG320,
KG328, KG800, KG90, KG920, kg928
- L341i, L342i, L343i
- M4410, M6100, ME500c, ME591d
- MG105, MG110, MG120, MG300d,
- P7200
- S5000, S5100, S5200
- W3000

support: - Read / write full flash, - Update the firmware - Fast (1 sec) unlock - IMEI Repair - Reading and writing data ac


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