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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

..::First sloution for startup 5610,6500s Solved 100000% ::..

the way to solve the problem of restarting 5610 and 6500 phones after power ON

as you know nokia phones 5610 and 6500 from the beginning of production, have been many problems and most of this problems are solved, but one of this problems that is unsolved yet , is phone restart in this models of phones.
this problem is common in phone startup.

there is different ways to solve this problem that some of theme are :
1-Flash Phone with different Firmwares.
2-Make backup and Erase and Flash and Restore backups
3-Use Rpl
4-Reball or switch IC of Betty or Avilma
5-Reball cpu
6-Change LCD @ FLAT
7- Connect BSI to GND


but will eventually realize that none of these solutions can not solve the problem.

so you can use from the iranian solution fully that created by "mobile emergency group"
this is the result of several months trying of our friends in "GSM-ALL" site and "engineer behrouz rahimi".

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