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Monday, May 3, 2010

Sony Ericsson Generic Repair Manual

This Generic Repair Manual – electrical consists of generic information and is as such a complementary document to the following product specific repair documents: • Tests & Calibration - electrical • Troubleshooting Guide - electrical • Component Replacement - electrical Since the content of this Generic Repair Manual is valid for all phone models to be launched within a foreseeable future, the information to be found in this manual will not be copied to the documents listed above. Process Flow Chart, Setup Go/NoGo Test, Stand-Alone vs. SERP, Antenna Coupler vs. Direct Line, Antenna Coupler Testing, Direct Line Testing, Direct Line, Troubleshooting Directions, Moisture & Baking, PBA Component Finder, Soldering, Lead-Free Soldering, Temperature Issues. Use the Test Instructions - mechanical to confirm that the phone is faulty and try to verify customer’s complaint. Perform those tests needed for confirmation of the failure. If a software fault or no fault is found, upgrade the software. If a hardware fault is found, start troubleshooting. The grid positioning plate of the shield box, containing the antenna coupler, includes a number of holes arranged in a grid, Place the grid positioning holder with its reference point (see arrow) in the matrix position stated in the product specific document Tests & Calibration for the phone. Insert a test USIM (a standard test SIM can be used for GSM phones only) that is compatible with the instrument and connect a fully charged standard battery and battery cover or a dummy battery with external power supply and, if necessary, the battery cover. Connect the RF cable to the test device (antenna coupler or direct line) and the RF-port of the test instrument. The optional printer is connected to the test instrument and is recommended for printouts of the test results. Voltage, current, and resistance information is provided for some symptoms to enable faster repairs. A power supply with digital current display and a DMM (Digital MultiMeter) are required for these purposes as shown in the pictures below.

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