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Saturday, May 8, 2010

How to Backup Your SHSH Blobs Using Firmware Umbrella [Windows]

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These are instructions on how to backup your SHSH blobs using Firmware Umbrella for Windows.

Step One
Download the latest version of Firmware Umbrella from here to your Desktop.

Step Two
Right click the download zip file and select Extract All to extract the archive to your desktop.

Step Three
Right click Notepad from within Start:Programs:Accessories.

Choose Run as administrator from the contextual popup menu.

A popup will appear asking if you would like to give Notepad system access. Click the Yes button.

Step Four
Open the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file.

Step Five
If there is a line which contains gs.apple.com, remove it or comment it out then save the file and exit.

Step Six
Open the extracted folder on your desktop and double click the Umbrella.exe file to run it.

You need to have Java installed from here in order to run Firmware Umbrella.

Step Seven
Input your ECID, select your Device Version, and choose a SHSH Repository. If you do not know your ECID you can follow one of these tutorials:
- iPhone: Mac, Windows
- iPad: Mac, Windows

Select Apple from the SHSH Repository dropdown if you just want to query Apple for your SHSH and save it locally. Select Saurik - Cydia from the SHSH Repository dropdown if you want to check Cydia for your SHSH and if Cydia doesn't have it, it will be stored there.

Click the Submit button to continue.

Step Eight
Once The Firmware Umbrella has completed you will see a status message indicating the SHSH was saved.

Notice a .shsh file will be created in the folder on your desktop. Make sure to save this for future use.

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