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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

SAMSUNG S5230-S3650 Dead phone Repair FREE!!!!!

Here Sw From SAmsung all totaly free without any box...

1. Select com Port
2. Press Start
3. Press Power On Phone
4. Err.Bootloader.
5. Disconnect.
6. DL Bootloader.
7 Press Power on Phone
8 After Job Done Write full flash with boot

click here for download


  1. my s5230 is not responding???
    there is no way to connect with it!!
    After the flash is dead and when i connect it whit the comp. there is no reaction. how to connect whit it ??
    thanks !!

  2. yo se lo hice al mio pero con el MultiLoader V5 pero tambien tenes que descargar un rom para tu cel. cualquier que sea en español.. busca tutoriales para hacer la conexion ya vas ver que es facil.


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