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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Convert Your Nokia BB5 Phones (850/950 mhz to 900/1800 mhz) Without Opening Phone!

It really is a new and very important , Since very soon we converted to a regular phone but we have to edit Phone Hard Ware.

Now You can Convert it SW without opening phone !!!
How can we turn the phones serial number beginning with (0) or (010) to (3) or (355) It is indeed strange!! But, as Dejan Kaljevic said :

It seems that everybody know how it works, but not Nokia, since they didn'tchange anything in they SW to prevent that.
Then again, maybe not!
Why they left BIG hole in SP security...?..

Therefore, they left a big hole in protect!!

Well ; Let me tell you how it can be converted !! again for whole Guar-Forum members !!
Steps :

- Make sure that the area PA_SL have been confirmed as 100% correct. it mean : Default SN type , LOCK STATUS it contain of (CONFIG KEY ,Provider and Key Code count).
- If your phone have a SP data Corrupted , you need to repair it firs.
- If your phone has imei :1234567654321? you need to restore it by RPL file .
- Make CRT 308.1 pm field. and CRT BKP RPL and save it in your PC.
- Unlock your phone via any tool or codes BB5 TRK , BB5king ... etc.
- After unlock your phone , So now your phone is powered on but without service.
- Write RPL file attached .like 5200b write file attached named (5200BandChange.rpl )
- Done , Now your phone is regular and it will be ok and has 100% service network.

NB :Phone supported to convert from imei(0) or (010) to imei (3) or (35x) for example :5200b to 5200 regular or 5300b to 5300 regular etc


BAND change files here


click here for download

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