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Monday, January 11, 2010

.:::Qmat cracked:::.

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click here for download

QMAT - QC Mobile Analysis Tool

What is it ?

It is a development and debugging tool for Qualcomm mobiles

Who may need it ?

Mobile engineers / reverse engineers and cryptoanalysts

Crypto Functions :

- Calculate CRC-30, CRC-32, SHA1, SHA2 (SHA224 + SHA256), MD4 and MD5 of any file

- Bruteforce bytes to fit CRC-30 needed when qcsblhd_cfgdata.mbn was edited

- Decrypt and Encrypt any RSA-Message, including ASN-1 / SHA Signatures. (you can add publickeys to publickeys.xml)

- Generate RSA Private Key and create .pvk files

- Check firmware signature given Modulus and Exponent (for HTC and BQS mobiles)

- Extract information from .pvk files

- Search for algorithms in binary files (find cryptomethods + signatures) CRC8, CRC16, CRC32, MD4, MD5, SHARK, HAVAL, GZIP, ZIP, SHA1, ... and much more (you can add cryptosignatures to crypto.xml)

JTAG Interface :

(soon via Segger J-Link)

Functions for QC mobiles :

1. Load binary files for :

Extraction of certificates
Extraction of BMPs,GIFs,PNGs, JPGs

2. Load Partition File to get overview about NAND/NOR structure

3. Send any String to a COM/USB Port and backup all your SMS !

4. Make usage of QCs Diag USB/COM Port Interface
(Useful for any QC mobile in the world)

Standard Features :

- Send standard diag commands or any hexadecimal command you want (database included)

- Read out all NVItems (range given)
(all that exist, more than QPST normally extracts)

- Backup and Restore all NVItems

- Read out and Dump Firmware in Memory (SRam)

- Read out complete EFS

- Switch to FTM Mode (or anything else you want)

- Get infos about phone ..... etc ..... a lot more functions

- Generate SimSecure Command to write to SimSecure using given file (may brick your phone when used without knowledge)

Bootloader / DownloadMode Features :

- Load any file to mobile at any address and execute (bootloader f.e.)

- Read out complete NAND Memory using bootloader (range given) with included MSM6250/A bootloader or any given bootloader
Usage : Take out battery, put in battery, press ON # to enter emergency mode, Execute Loader
or (with SL91,SF71 f.e.) enable FTM mode, Execute Loader

- Use any Download Mode or Bootloader Command to experiment

- Read application memory of newer Diag Ver 6 in Download Mode

- Show complete infos about used NAND after loading of Bootloader

Flasher Features :

Flash any QC mobile (OBL Multiboot) with given bootloader

- Flash PBL (dangerous), QCSBL, QCSBL Header and Config Bits, Partition, OEMSBL, OEMSBL Header, AMSS, AMSS Header and EFS

Functions for BQS only :

1. Load AMSS to extract files or useful infos
(EF81, E81C, EF91, SXG75, EF82, SF71, SL91 or similiar ones)

Features :
Extract Infos from AMSS : USBID, Product.Nr., SVN, SwBuild, Mobiletype
Extract internal filesystem (mif,bar,sig etc. files)
Extract AMSS signature bytes (if production key)
Show all file references used by mobile

2. Check Firmware validity (signature)

3. Sim_Secure extraction/decryption (non-public)

4. Master-/Usercode/Unlock extraction and direct unlock (non-public)

Functions for HTC only :

1. Check validity of HTC firmware (signature check)

2. Cut out signatures from .nbh file

3. Split radio.nb into qualcomm files for analysis

4. Find HTC Public keys using Cryptosearch

5. Generate Security passwords (SPL + radio) for newer HTC

6. Generate NBH Files (you can add any device into devlist.xml)

7. Dump Files from NBH (you can add any type into nbhtype.xml)

8. Fix radio.nb checksum

9. Generic Bootloader / AT Command interface with logging functions

Functions for Network Engineers

Network Calculators :

GSM A5-1
GSM A5-2
GSM A5-3
GSM A3/A8 COMP128 V1
GSM A3/A8 COMP128 V2
GSM A3/A8 COMP128 V3
3G Milenage
3G Milenage Resync

CAVE Authentication
CAVE Wireless Residential Extension
CAVE Datakey / Look Up Table / Mask
CAVE Long Block
CAVE Short Block
CAVE Enhanced Message
CAVE Enhanced Voice Privacy
CAVE Enhanced Data Mask

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