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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How to reset Blackberry

As you know, to reset the blackberry is the first step taken to overcome problems in Bblackberry. Here are some types of RESET BB. Hard Reset blackberry, blackberry Soft Reset, Double-blackberry soft reset . Usefulness of each reset varies ..

1. SOFT RESET Blackberry
to perform a soft reset blackberry press ALT + Right Shift (CAP) + DELETE

2. DOUBLE-SOFT reset Blackberry

Double-soft reset will stop all applications on the BB and almost the same as doing a hard-reset. Noteworthy is his timing.
Perform a soft reset as the number 1, the screen will be blank .. now is not a black screen, press ALT + Right Shift (CAP) + DELETE again .. The screen will blank again, and hold an hourglass will come out .. wait until the blackberries ready again.

3.HARD RESET Blackberry

to perform a hard reset is easy: Disconnect battery 30 seconds, plug it in again. BB will boot from the beginning.
Hard Reset is the first step if there is a problem in the network, software or hardware.

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