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WIth virtual corelet and ELF

This is an RSA Removed Monster Pack. Be sure that you have removed the RSA Protection from your phone(works with both dualboot 3.3 and


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Software version:R452D_G_08.01.0AR

Flex: >>extremoto 2.0<<

DRM:custom DRM enhanced with moto speed
containing icons from
1)InsecureSpike's_Minkazama_Mix(main DRM)
4)Colorful II.& some other DRMs
+most skins have seperate DRM using DRM changer.elf

Bootloader: Dual boot 4.0(optional)

Font &language Pack :Android (Droid) by Sublime LP0903


  • updated Elf pack
  • clean skins
  • all useful and bug free patches applied
  • ring tunes from b/mobile/audio/rings (copy your ringtunes to b/mobile/audio/rings this help s to short list rings from long list of Audio files )
  • talking phone
  • works without sim card(works with Motorola phone tools )
  • bluetooh works in flight mode
  • Multi mma_ucp support(form skin folder)
  • clock on the status line.
  • Browser key remapped to menu key
  • Receiving files via Bluetooth(- receive files with any extension via blue tooth)
  • vibro in blue tooth
  • vibro In successful outgoing calls(can be turn of from menu under network settings)
  • soft-key unlocks automatically for missed calls and messges
  • damping backlight
  • USB-charging instead of animation in initial setup
  • new date format indicates week
  • increased blue tooth time (7 min)
  • java heap 2000k
  • key pad light can be turned from menu(in initial setup)
  • passwords are visible while editing
  • ELF in menu
  • ring lights and event lights enabled
  • missed call icon on the status line
  • ELF heap size 512kb patch applied
  • new symbols added
  • Video camera resolution is set to CIF (352x288) by default
  • call log 60 each for dialed,received and missed call
  • call logs are not cleared after changing sim card
  • key pad lock by pressing menu(browser) key twise
  • send java apps(installed application also) via Bluetooth or copy them to phone memory/memory card using the send(green) key
  • press and hold # key to togle between vibrate and current ring style
  • alarm clock indicator available in status line
  • indication a house icon with operator while connecting usb cable or head set
  • hot message enabled to move important messages
  • custom startup and shutdown
  • Voice recorder does not send regular beeps to the other party
  • no shuter sound for camera in silent mode
  • spam filtering in messages
  • single short press to power on phone
  • Test Mode Enabled
  • Hide option in video (replaces full screen option Use '*' key to view video in full screen)
  • speedup phone patch
  • speed corelet patch
  • keypad lock message is replaced with time,date and some info
  • Dinamic prompts enabled & DNP.prf file added for almost all languages


  • Extremoto 2 (skin made for This MP by me )
  • Bunglon
  • ColorFlow
  • eQual
  • Glass009
  • GreenWaves
  • iColor-C
  • iJo
  • Lightless
  • Lumix
  • MotoOrangeOS
  • Splash
  • Symbian Black & white
  • Symbian S40
  • Symphony
  • Twilight
  • Walkman009
  • White
  • XpressMedia

java applications

corelet :virtual corlet 1.52


  • Bolt 1.5
  • FIlelock 1.0
  • Gotalk mobile Classic 3.2.2
  • Metraxbench 2.0
  • Nimbuz 1.5
  • Notepad 4.0
  • Opera mini mod 3.11
  • Stopwatch 1.3

ELF applications()

  • motocmd 1.8 (named file manager in menu ;multimedia--.corlet&Elf-->filemaneger)USED to run elf applications
  • tunes 4.0 by om2804 (in menu ;multimedia--.corlet&Elf-->Tunes)
  • Click here to enlarge
  • ActiveDesktop V3.4 by suraj
  • DRM changer (use different DRMs for different skins)
  • USBmodPt select usb mode while connecting USB (use Data connection as default mode)
  • Extramenu shutdown menu alternative press and hold right softkey to open extra menu
  • and more ELf applications

memory information

--free :6894 Kb
--Used :6099 kb
--total :12994kb

life timer 0 hours

security code :000000 (never master clear or reset)
unlock code :1234

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server download
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Big Thanks TO JAIMS009