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Sunday, September 12, 2010

1st Boot Err: Bad Resp UPP

1st Boot Err: Bad Resp UPP

Very simple if you know how the process works Flasher tool.

when we press the button "check" on the software sarasoft, what happened?!??
Flasher tool will recognize the processor of the mobile phone.
If everything is Okay then we will see
1st Boot OK, UPP WD2: xxxx => UPP type used by mobile phones
Mobile rebooting

You can see from here can know that the flashing process ALWAYS starts with the introduction of the CPU / UPP who used mobile phones by Flasher tool.
(Simply put, if we want "ngborol" minimal brain must connect dong first street, right?!?? Hehehe)

So if there => 1st Boot Err: Bad Resp UPP
means due to CPU / UPP CAN NOT WORK.

UPP Why can not work?!??
could be due to two main points are:
1. UPP was damaged.
2. UPP did not get the supply voltage and clock.
(A trivial like this. Why TV can not flame?!?? Cause there are two: the cord is not in the plug so there is no electricity or running his TV who was damaged. So do not jump in gebuk2 tv well if we do not want to turn on, check mas cord first. already in conspicuous or not )

UPP get the supply voltage is distributed by the UEM.
Each IC MUST get a new supply voltage ic it could work!
EVERY working voltage for IC called Fio.
Flash IC, RF Processor, RAM, and UPP also would get distributed to the Management FiO fine day by the UEM (Universal Energy very name Management)!
There was one more special working voltage supplied by the UEM UPP, was named vCore voltage.

So if the 1st boot err cases like the above who happened, what should we do?!??
Fio and vCore voltage checks issued by the UEM (Can be seen in the schematics). If it does not come out or not issued in accordance demi like there in the schematics (smaller or larger), mean UEM damaged.
If all the voltages required by the UPP to work is normal (FiO and vCore) means his UPP damaged.

If FiO, vCore and UPP was NORMAL => Secured 1st Boot Ok SURE!
if time will dilfash error, a different story !

• open the lines of books, there would have vCore
example hp 7610 = vCore can be checked on the c372. and Fio v 1.8 in uem, in c1xx (sorry forgot) .. it is like there is absolutely ga voltage or the very small GA = 100% HP would be able to be detected by Flasher box = 1st boot err:, but not in the node's UPP damage 100%, try the check SMPS ic (logic defective SMPS )<--... = could in jumpers, but if 7610 had not already tried to jumpers = hp can live, but there ga vCore voltage to a suitable one, so na hot cpu , 3660 horror .. if dah often try it ... the conclusion = 1st boot err = check vCore & Fio, vbat, dkk.sperti antecedent post om morph, direct jngan host cpu, uem angakat, can be ancur tuh hp.
• Jgn dr forgot to measure the distribution of clock, either 26MHz or 13Mhz.
• if the conclusion 1st boot err = not necessarily uem, UPP .... with check = new procedure could in conclusion, Fio, vCore, clock, vbat, line.thx

1. Response 1st Boot Err: Bad
Resp UPP, 02 00 72/02 00 72 FFFF

Such responses are generated when the process who fail to boot up the phone EEPROM part due to insufficient voltage.
Failure EEPROM boot up process is generally caused by a voltage of no Ternado to the HP Power Supply IC (PD CCONT DCT3, UEM DCT4/WD2 PD). Therefore if we find a view like this make sure the cable is damaged flash off, so did the program interface and the battery connector on hp non-soiled or damaged.
On the condition of good conbat da flash cable, can be ascertained that the damage occurred at block power.Reball IC IC Power (CCONT / UEM), the first step to turn the HP who died because of wrong usage not because the procedure happens disconnected PD service.Umumnya BGA foot Ic or because the quality of tin-me-down IC legs. If after Rebaall Hp Ic power conditions remain dead ... check the RF IC (Hagar, Helga, helgo, Mjolner), after his re reball jg .. This section gives the same response occurs when a line break or damage the components.
Can be concluded that the response of 1st Boot Err: Bad Resp UPP, 02 FFFF 72 occurs when the sequence block components and RF Power Ic Ic occurs in the machine or line break at the foot of BGA Ic.Respons TSB inadvertent damage to the mob because without EEPROM EEPROM who respond produced this is boot OK.Respons LBH lots found not in the logic unit supporting section tetepi hp ..
If we cross-checked with the reading of the DC Power Supply usually undertow generated by the impedance of this HP rate between 0.00 s / d 0.2 ampere non-constant.
klo 0.02 ampere reading results ... most likely damaged in the Software or EEPROM

2. Response 1st Boot Err: Bad
Resp UPP, 03 00 72/03 00 72 FFFF

This response PD Tornado soft appearance is generally caused by damage to the logic unit such as CPU (MAD, UPP), and RAM hp.
If you find die total Hp condition with a response like this confirm for me Reball CPU, if unsuccessfully before his part in Reball RAM (re-solder) or a dressing.
Usually hp with this action could come back to life.
Jgn forget to confirm the condition of flash cable, conbat, non-damaged soft program, because these conditions also gave a response action Unresponsive who sama. this section will result in severe damage added Hp.
When compared with the reading of the DC Power Supply resultant very small currents of about 0.02 amperes is not constant.

• could have? because BAD RESPONSE UPP could be due to many things ....!!!!!!!!
voltage problems:
1: V BAT = 3.7 volts (the voltage distribution on UEM)
2: Fio = vCore = 1.8 volts (the distribution of the UPP)
vCore problem happened mostly lost because of the device
WD2 hp vCore in supply with separate components (emif vCore)
if this happens emif direct damage alone voltage jumper to FiO
VCore voltage TSB because it uses 1.8 volts

nb: the above voltage (V BAT, Fio, vCore) also are needed by other devices
such as: V BAT ----> PA IC, UEM, IC Light, DLLs
Fio-vCore ----> RF ICs, UPP, RAM, IC DLL RADIO

problems, damage to components:
1: Cristal clock
2: RF IC
3: UEM
4: UPP
into four components could cause the UPP BAD RESPONSE
nb: only with the four components that alone without other components must be in pairs
and we make sure the good - stress distribution is also okay
we can try to check with the dongle and we will get the 1st boot

FLASH V, V REF, VR, V LED, the V SIM this DLL does not affect the occurrence of UPP BAD RESPONSE

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